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The Uses Of Fluoride in Human Teeth The teeth are the most solid part of a human body. Contrary to many people’s opinion, the tooth is not a bone. It is usually calcified tissue known as the dentine. It has shiny surfaces and it is usually very hard. For the dentine to grow, just like the bone requires minerals to prevent diseases and infections. Each and every day, human teeth lose and gain a lot of minerals. Among the many minerals is fluoride. You can easily find this mineral in a lot of foods and water. The fluoride will get rid of the sugar, bacteria and plaque that is in the mouth thus reversing the decaying of the tooth. The bacteria and the sugar or the plaque forms an acid that is the leading cause of tooth decay and cavity. The children enamel right before the growth of the teeth are strong if children are given fluoride minerals. The dentist refer to this kind of benefit as systematic one. This enables the child’s teeth to come out strong and of good health. When the teeth are out in the gum, the child should be given more fluoride minerals to prevent tooth decay and cavity. The brushing with fluoride compliments or the toothpaste is beneficial and is referred to as the topical benefits. The saliva in the mouth will even have the fluoride minerals keeping the enamel more stronger. Tooth decay and cavity occurs when a lot of minerals are lost and are not replaced with more minerals. The teeth will start weakening, cracking and finally rotting. What destroys the enamel is the acid formed by the sugar, plaque, and bacteria in the mouth. Minerals that also helps the teeth to grow strong are also destroyed by the acid. Brushing the teeth using fluoride tooth paste or compliments will prevent the decay by removing the acid in the mouth. It is for this reason that the dentist recommend that you should regularly brush your teeth using fluoride toothpaste.
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The people who take foods that have a lot of sugar are susceptible to tooth decay. Such people should reconsider using compliments that have fluoride in them to prevent the tooth problems that they are likely to have. The people have had a misconception that the use of fluoride can bring health related problems especially to the young ones. Dentists insists that the only time that fluoride is harmful just like in everything else is when is used in excess. Just as it is said, anything if consumed in excess will be of no good. The use of fluoride compliment is recommended for both the children and the adults as well.Practical and Helpful Tips: Dentists