How to Deck Up your Sweet Home for Festive Seasons?

Festive season means gathering of friends, relatives, and guests and that also refers to the fact that your sweet home should be in a top class position. Festivals are the time to rejoice with family members and greet guests. As friends and guests would come over your place, your home should look good to embrace them with warmth and love. Before all the major festivals like Diwali, Dusshera, Christmas, and New Year, thus cleaning up the home is a prime requirement. Once you are done with that, you can take ideas from below and deck up your home.

Designer or Simple Candles: Candles refer to light in a narrow sense while in a broader sense it refers to hope and positivity. Keep it on the center table or corner table or hang it from the chandelier could be a beautiful Diwali gift idea. These candles would definitely add a lot of warmth and beauty to your home. Many designer candles are available these which can be used to decorate the guest room. The simple colorful candles can be used as per the color sequence of your room. Bring a small tub of water to be kept at the center of your drawing room and decorate that with floating candles and flower petals. Candle sin wine glass arrangement are also very popular these which can be kept at the border of your room.

Fancy Curtains: Fancy curtains made out of silk or cotton or lace is another beautifying object for your sweet home. You may also use it for Diwali gifting purpose. If you have a lovely wall painting done, go for simple white or any light colored long curtains. For solid colored walls, use the printed ones. Polka dots curtain would be really funky. In case you want to be creative with a curtain, you may select a particular image to be printed on your curtain.

Indoor Plants: Plants keeps the ambience a breezy one. Technically, it removes the toxins from the air and gives you healthier oxygen to breathe. Lucky bamboo brings a lot of good fortune like money plant or jade plant. You may bring flowering lily plant or gardenia to decorate your lawn area or swimming pool area where you have enough space to sit and party.

Painting: Many famous painters have given birth to some unforgettable creations. Bring such a world famous painting to deck up your newly renovated home. Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci or the self-portrait of Frida would deliver a sophisticated layer to your living space which people would definitely appreciate.

New Furniture Set: As a gift idea, a new furniture set would be always a welcome idea. A brand new L-shaped sofa set, recliner, bean bag, queen size bed, or a folding sofa cum bed would be really appreciated. Make your guests comfortable in this furniture and have a lovely festive season. Put some cute cushions and throws to dazzle up your sofa or bed and you are ready to welcome your friends and guests to celebrate any festival.