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The Dead Tee Shirts-Some Reason To Wear Them Ron Pigpen McKernan Bob Weir, Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh, and Bill Kreutzmann were the founding members of the American rock band formed in 1965, San Francisco. They named their band Grateful Dead. The band was very famous at that time because of their very flexible taste of music. They had a good mix of country, reggae, improvisational jazz, rock, folk, and psychedelia. The Grateful band just out stood other bands. The band had their regular gigs in San Francisco’s Avalon Ballroom and in Fillmore Auditorium in the year 1966. They had many performances and one if the most iconic performances the Grateful dead band has was in the Avalon ballroom in San Francisco with hare Krishna the founder of Bhaktivedanta in San Francisco. The band Grateful Dead was popularly known as “The Dead” after their iconic performance in 1966 in Avalon Ballroom. The performance allowed the rise in their band career which led them to have large concerts since then. The band also has gone through rough roads along the 30 years of their peak years. The death of one of their founding members in 1973, Pigpen was one of the misfortunes the band encountered. However they managed to contend the band and successfully run their career until the year 1995 when another member then passed away. It was the death of Jerry Garcia when the group decided to finally have the group formally be disbanded. On 1997, the other members left, along with new members decided to bring up a new band which they named the “The Other Ones”. They eventually named their band then as “The Dead.”
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If you are one of the many fans of the Dead, then it is time for to swank the Dead tee shirts. They are now available. By getting and wearing the Dead tee shirts, you are able to portray your loyalty to the band. Imagine a jug band to a rock band, the Dead is just one of the best bands that there is and if you were the shirts, it is just like expressing the love for the band. Wearing it is a way of expressing the value of the band for one person to the world.
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The great thing about wearing and patronizing the Dead tee shirts is that it just shows who you are too. Flaunting the shirt will determine that you have an awesome taste and that you have a great personality. What you support is what you are. That is why, when you have a band on your tee shirt, it just shows what you type of music you are interested too and it just shows so much of your personality. The Dead is one of the best bands that there is that became famous of their great variations of music. And if you show off that you just love this band, it showcases your interest in the world of music. Wearing the band shirt shows ones admiration for the band. It is one way of giving tribute.