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Proper Way of Purchasing a Garbage Disposal Unit

There are a number of things that you have to be mindful about before you decide to make a purchase of a garbage disposal unit. Additionally, you have to do research in order to find out which is the best disposal unit that is perfect for your needs. Among the most significant aspect to look at is the horsepower, feed type and durability. You probably want to learn more about it so best keep reading.

Horsepower – these disposal units have 3 different levels of horsepower and consumers don’t know how much they should be getting. As a simple rule to follow, the horsepower of the unit must appropriate to the form of usage it’ll get.

Having said that, if you are living in an apartment or condominium where the unit will not be receiving much use, then it is ideal to utilize 1/2 horsepower garbage disposal. You will never go wrong with a 1/3 horsepower unit if you have a single family house; besides it is the type of unit frequently used. Again, there’s the 1 horsepower waste disposal unit that are ideal for bigger properties and you will see this as well being used in offices.

Feed type – there are basically two different types you could go for namely the continuous feed and batch feed. In continuous feed, this is the most common and found commonly in kitchens. When it comes to continuous feed, this is in operation when the switch turned on and can continuously feed on waste while running. To operate the unit, you have to turn the water on and switch to garbage disposal and feed the waste down on the sink hole. This process continues until you are done.

When talking about batch feed models, it is likely the same with the continuous feed models however, its difference to the latter is that, it does not have an automatic switch. Rather, they need to be plugged into a drain and turned and when you’re done, simply unplug it.

Durability – the leak is the most common complaint that a lot of people are dealing with their garbage disposal unit. Sometimes, it is because of the reason that the unit was not properly installed or something is wrong with the pipes. There are some occasions on the other hand that it is the unit itself that causes the leak. It is preferable to buy units that are made from stainless steel drums and stainless steel grinding chambers to ensure that it won’t be affected by rust.

Just follow these points when in the market planning to buy a garbage disposal unit to ensure that you’re making the right purchase.

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