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Ways The Origami Art can Help Improve Student’s Skills If you are a fan of art then you probably have heard of origami. This is the art of folding paper into virtually anything. It is very interesting and one can make amazing works of art. Teachers are encouraged to foster the development of such artistic skills in a child for a variety of reasons. A child can lean to make a variety of things using the techniques of paper folding. This is the epitome of creativity and it allows students to gain a number of skills. Below are some ways in which origami is good for students. Problem Solving Students need a number of skills to succeed in life and not just at school. Problem solving is by far one of the most important skills a student should develop early in life. Problem solving skills can be acquired and used in a number of ways. This is very advantageous to students. Origami gives a student a shot at solving a problem which they might not be so sure about. it is an art and technique of trying and trying again to help teach kids that sometimes one might fail but they can keep trying. This kind of art encourages students to know that there is no wrong answer. They can come up with different shapes from different approaches.
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Students don’t really find science that interesting unless they perceive it as being fun. Making science more interesting can help teachers reach to students of a younger age. This art is a great way of helping children learn concepts. There are a number of concepts that can be taught including physics concepts such as making a light, and soft piece of paper hard and firm by folding it in a certain way. Such examples can be used to teach about making of bridges. Origami can also explain the concept of molecules in a very interesting and fun way. This works because molecules take the shape of tetrahedrons and polyhedras. Boosts Thinking Learning can get interesting when using origami. Research shows that it has the ability to improve spatial visualization and general intelligence. When children acquire these kinds of skills, they become good at comprehending and constructing their own understanding of their surroundings. When used to explain geometry it improves hands on learning. It is very important when a child can think outside the box. Cramming of facts is not something you want to encourage in the life of your child. Instead, you should nurture their ability to apply concepts in different areas. Helps to Teach Geometric Concepts Origami has been found to help students in understanding geometric concepts, labels, and formula by making math come to life. By taking an origami structure and labeling its length width and height, students get to learn the key terms and the different ways to describe a shape.