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Techniques of Personal Empowerment It known by the bible that life of man came to be found through God the creator. It was the will of God for man to live without any hassle whatsoever. The plight of man can after he broke Gods command in the Garden of Eden. We can liken the life of man to a flower. Expect a flower brilliantly to flourish in the morning and wither in the evening. People are one day born and thereafter die succumbing to life challenges. It is known for people to face good and bad things in life. Gift of life is one of the good things that man enjoy in life. Life is sustained through taking foods, water, and air. It is the creator who provides such things to man. God also created man and woman for companionship. Man and woman relationship enable God creation to be continued. Man however is known to face many challenges in life. Some of the examples of forms of challenges that men face in life are infections, war, death, hatred, and lack of basic needs. Man is known to suffer much through fighting with one another. An example of a war is the cold world war1 and 2. People fight with one another for selfish gain. Beings are vulnerable to infections. Examples of categories of infections that attack people are the bacterial, viral, and fungal diseases. It through infections that people suffer physically, emotionally, psychologically, and materially. All people would like to prosper in life. There are many people who lose hope in life due to facing daily challenges. Men who do well in life are known to take things with all confidence. It is very crucial for man to have personal empowerment in life. Personal empowerment is like an explosive in life. It is likely for one to win in anything by being self-confident. There are various techniques that one can employ to be self-empowered in life. One can be confidence in life by setting goals. You should have both long term and short term goals in life. Successful people always work hard to attain their goals. You can be self-empowered through making choices. It is good to make choices depending on the seeming consequences. Personal empowerment can be gotten by meditation. Meditation activity is known to make people become relaxed in their thoughts and body. You can be self-empowered by participating in exercises. Exercises make the body to be always strong and flexible. It is possible for one to be self-empowered by thinking positively every time. It has been known for the prosperous people to view things positively. One can be self-empowered by doing one thing at a time.The Ultimate Guide to Resources

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