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How to Teach Corporate Yoga and the Benefits to Expect

Yoga has been in practice for about five thousand years now and has increasingly gained popularity due to its positive effects. It relaxes and energizes the human body, thus improving health and reducing stress. Today, you will find studios dedicated for yoga in many fitness centres and companies have followed suit. Companies have adopted yoga in a bid to enhance performance in the workplace and also increase their staff’s overall wellness.

This action has created opportunities for their staff to learn yoga for free and yoga experts to earn a living through employment. Instructing yoga to individuals is an amazing experience, fun and challenging sometimes. This article will guide you on how to teach the activity and outline the upsides of teaching yoga in a company.

Ideal Techniques
You can anticipate many employees will show interest in the sessions. They will come to you with varying expectations and will be counting on you for inspiration. It will be of great help to brace yourself for their varying goals and attitudes. You will be training some first timers and must exhibit total patience with them as they learn and progress in the activity.

To be outstanding at your job, it is critical that you practice the yoga poses in front of a mirror before teaching them to your students. This will make sure that you study the poses to note down the best way to strike them for correct tutorials. To teach well, ‘show and tell’ is the most appropriate technique to use while teaching. It involves physical illustrations of yoga poses with verbal instructions to the students.

During your sessions, make sure that you carefully monitor each student as they practice. This way, you will be able to correct and direct them to perfection. Always correct your students politely when they do wrong. Avoid using terms like ‘no’ or ‘don’t’ to offer counsel. Use compliments to encourage your students to keep them doing the right things as this will also enhance their confidence and esteem.

When teaching yoga at a company, you do not have to advertise yourself. The company gives you the students and the only thing you do is to teach them and keep them interested to keep your contract secure.

Corporations pay well and this facilitates comfortable living. This is an opportunity to maintain a good lifestyle and extra cash by coaching students privately or when you are free. Teaching extra classes allows you more money that in turn helps you accomplish your desires.

Corporations pay regularly and on particular days. This is helpful as it allows you to plan your activities in advance because it is guaranteed that you will get that money.

When hired to teach yoga at a corporation, the remuneration rates are fixed. It is irrelevant whether one employee attends your session or they all attend. The rate stays fixed unlike when you run your own class whereby prices are relative to attendance.

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